What's the difference? SS vs. RE

On a regular basis here at Slam Specialties we get asked, what is the difference between the SS-Series and RE-Series air bags? and which one is better than the other?

Well, here it is... Besides the obvious Composite vs. Aluminum outer plates, the SS-Series will support 250psi over 200psi on the RE. Also, the SS-Series will gain you an additional 1” of lift. This lift is gained due to the way that the rubber is bonded between the outer and inner plates on the SS. The plates are designed to allow the rubber material to flex away safely allowing that little bit of extra height.

Both the SS and RE air bags share the same inner and outer rubber materials giving you and your customer the ride quality we here at Slam are known for. With rigorous testing done on both the composite and aluminum plates, we are certain that both series of bag will fit the needs for your build.