Slam Specialties RE-8


SLAM SPECIALTIES air springs are technologically advanced in all areas of design and performance. Bolt pattern compatible with Firestone and other air springs

  • Rated at much higher pressures - critical for front end installations on heavy V8 vehicles
  • Non-ballooning, stiffer bellows ensure that more force is exerted through the centerline of the airspring to lift the vehicle straight up - this is an important feature of bellow design as the front control arms are at a "mechanically disadvantaged point" when the vehicle is lowered.
  • Superior end plate design to all other airsprings making it virtually impossible for separation to occur even when unrestrained at maximum pressure!
  • Unique internal bump stop prevents rubber bellow damage from constantly deflating airspring to zero pressure (see image below)


  • Capacity per airspring @ 110psi = 4860lbs

    • Rated @ 200psi
    • 8″ diameter bag
    • Minimum height = 2.9"
    • Installed height approx = 6.5"
    • Maximum height = 12.0"
    • Single 1/2″ NPT port
    • Internal bumpstops
    • Non-ballooning design
    • (2) 3/8″-16 Mounting Holes Top
    • (3) 3/8″-16 Mounting Holes Bottom
    • Chemically bonded aluminum/zinc end closure plates
    • Replaces: 25c
    • Sold Individually
    • Designed & Manufactured by Slam Specialties
    • Made in the USA




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