VW Golf SportWagen TDi (MK7)


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Viair 400C Compressor

Compressor wiring harness with relay and circuit breaker

Accuair VU4 valve block

Dual gauge 4 switch panel

Color coded wiring harness for valve block

ON/OFF Pressure switch for compressor

5 Gal air tank with fittings

Water trap with fittings

18M 3/8" Dot Airline for airbags

20M 1/8" DOT Airline for gauges

All brass DOT approved brass push to connect fittings

(No cheap plastic fittings)

Full mounting hardware kit for installation

Teflon Sealer


Front and rear airbags appropriate to vehicle fitment

 This Kit Features: FRONT

  • 116mm/4.6" Drop
  • Double Bellows Progressive Rate Springs
  • 30-Level Adjustable Damping
  • Threaded, Adjustable Lower Strut Mounts
  • High Performance Monotube Struts
  • Proprietary Bolt-in Camber Plates
  • High Quality Spherical Ball Upper Mounts
  • Braided Stainless Steel Leader Air Hoses
  • No Modifications Necessary for Installation

 This Kit Features: REAR

  • 136mm/5.4" Drop
  • Double Bellows Progressive Rate Springs
  • 30-Level Adjustable Damping
  • Threaded, Adjustable Lower Shock Mounts
  • High Performance Monotube Shocks
  • Roll Plates
  • No Modifications Necessary for Installation

With the launch of the MK7 platform, VW continued to use their tried-and-true platform recipe to bring a large number of models to market using the same underpinnings. The important part of this process is for you is for you to identify your suspension type and order the appropriate kit.

In front, you need to make sure that the diameter of the bottom of the strut, where it gets clamped by the knuckle, is 50mm in diameter. If this measures out to 55mm, then you need to order part number 78522.  VW seems to mix up this specification depending on model and trim. International customers should take the extra time to determine these measurements, as we may not have access to your model’s requirement at this time.  

For the rear, check to make sure that you have a twist beam suspension. Use the image below to help you identify your type:



Shown: One side of the rear twist beam aka torsion beam suspension

If you have a multi-link suspension, you need to order part number 78622.  

The front kit starts with our 30-level damping-adjustable, threaded-body, monotube struts and progressive rate double bellows air springs. This combo gives you the ability to tune your ride height and quality to perfectly suit your taste and mission. To complete the package, we add bright red anodized, T6061 camber plates that locate the struts with high quality spherical bearings. The approximately three degrees of camber adjustment that these plates provide allow for alignment fine-tuning for perfect wheel fitment or maximum grip.

In the back, the springing duties are handled by our innovative 2B5 (5.5 inch diameter) progressive-rate, double-bellows air springs that fit perfectly in the tight package of the twist beam spring pockets.  Controlling the springs are 30-level damping-adjustable, threaded body monotube shocks that are tuned to  match the character of the springs.  Again, no modifications are requires to properly install this kit!  

Model Fitment:

  • 2015-2017 VW Golf: SportWagenS TDi (MK7 50mm front, twist beam rear)
  • 2015-2017 VW Golf: SportWagenSE TDi (MK7 50mm front, twist beam rear)
  • 2015-2017 VW Golf: SportWagenSEL TDi (MK7 50mm front, twist beam rear)


  • Modifications Req. Front: NONE
  • Modifications Req. Rear: NONE

Rear: Hole must be drilled for the supplied nutsert.


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