Kleinn 141 4 Horn


  • Compact black XCR 2.0™ coated zinc alloy quad train horn with Vortex™ 4 solenoid valve

    Want a train horn on your car but don’t have the space? Our model 141 quad air horn delivers devastating sound with compact, easy to install construction. This air horn can fit in almost any vehicle and deliver the big time loud air horn sound you need. Easy to fit and extreme sound; these loud air horns are the complete package.

    • Four trumpets, 13″, 11″, 8 1/2″ and 7″
    • Loud, full, clean sound
    • Chrome or Black XCR2.0 Stealth finish
    • Vortex 4 12v electronic air horn solenoid included
    • 150.3 db output


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