Kleinn 141 DUAL 4 Horn ULTIMATE Complete Kit




This system comes as a complete package with quality air system to power the horns. This compact version of the huge train horns will fit in a fraction of the space and still deliver a ton of sound. They look great too, with full chrome plating everywhere. The trumpets and base are both 100% metal, so they're durable and resonate with a big horn sound. The new model Vortex 4 solenoid valve (included with the horns) can smoothly handle pressures up to 175 psi and is easily connected to any push button switch.

High quality components from Viair and Kleinn are used in this kit!

Kleinn 141 Horn Specs

  • Rich chrome plated finish

  • X2 4 trumpet design producers a deeper more realistic locomotive sound

  • Awsome 152.9 db @ 150psi!

  • Overall size 370mm L x 150 H x 160 W

  • 12v Solenoid, air fitting mounting bracket and hardware included

Air Supply Specs

  • 5 gallon 7 port tank with drain

  • Dual AR 444C 200 psi compressor  

  • Stainless steel compressor leader hose with built in check valve

  • Pressure Switch: 110 psi on, 145 psi off.

  • Pre wired relay is included.

  • Compressor wiring included

  • 10 meters of DOT Air line and air line fittings

  • Easily add air inflating kit to pump up tires etc.

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