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Haltech Interface Module

Haltech Interface Module

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Haltech Interface Module

The BIM-01-2-HALis designed to read the engine information from the Haltech Elite Series ECU. The BIM-01-2-HAL module is a direct plug in using the supplied 4 pin harness for simple connection to the Haltech Elite ECU's.

The BIM-01-2-HALwill collect and output the following available (depending upon HAL application and add-ons selected) readings to Dakota Digital Instrument Systems*:

  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Water Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Fuel Level
  • A/F Ratio
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Boost
  • Transmission Temp
  • Check Engine Indicator
  • Gear Position (Automatic only)
  • Manifold Pressure

*The BIM-01-2-HAL is designed to decode the information provided by the Elite ECU kits and supply this information to the VFD3, VHX, HDX and RTX control box instrument systems only.  Information present is dependent on Haltech application and add-ons selected.  

**Compatible Dakota Digital instrument system: RTX, HDX, VHX and VFD3 systems with a black plastic control module. For any BIM-compatible control boxes which contain the 3.5mm headphone jack BIM input, add part number 394193 adaptor harness.   Earlier instrument systems with an aluminum control module are not capable of BIM connectivity

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