Dakota Digital BIM Expansion, J1939 Interface


SKU: BIM-01-2-J1939


J-1939 CAN Interface


The BIM-01-2-J1939 CAN(J1939/CAN) Interface allows you to wire into the CAN HI/LO harness, extracting engine and transmission data from the vehicle's computer (ECM). The BIM-01-2-J1939 will collect and output the following information to Dakota Digital Instrument Systems *

Available on most vehicles (see below):***
Engine Temperature
Check Engine Indicator/ MIL

Vehicle specific:****
Oil Pressure
Intake Air Temperature
Transmission Temperature
Ambient Air Temperature
Gear Position
Fuel Pressure
Boost/ MAP
Air/Fuel Ratio
Fuel Level

Due to the various factory and modified ECM's, additional data including (Speed, Intake Temp, Transmission Temp, Ambient Air Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Boost, Air/Fuel Ratio, Fuel Level and Gear Position) may be available, but will vary from application to application. Dakota Digital cannot guarantee the presence or accuracy of the Temperature, Pressure Air/Fuel Ratio, Fuel Level or Gear Position displays since this is a function of the ECM and matching OEM functional sensors.

*The BIM-01-2-J1939 is designed to decode the information provided by the ECM and supply this information to the RTX, HDX, VHX and VFD3 systems with a black plastic control module. For any BIM-compatible control boxes which contain the 3.5mm headphone jack BIM input, add part number 394193 adaptor harness.   Earlier instrument systems with an aluminum control module are not capable of BIM connectivity

**The BIM-01-2-J1939 is designed for J1939 CAN protocols only. 
Compatible with Mercury Racing SBF, Cummins R2.8, BIGStuff EFI ECU, MAST Motorsports ECU and ECU's that are capable of sending J1939 CAN data

If you are concerned about compatibility with your vehicle please contact our sales or tech department.

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