Dakota Digital 128k High Frequency GM Pulse Generator


128k High Frequency GM Pulse Generator

High-Frequency GM-Style Pulse Generator

The missing piece of the increasingly popular early-GM transmission swap!
With late-model GM transmissions containing an internal speed sensor outputting 128,000 Pulses Per Mile, the stock 40-tooth (40 pulse per revolution) reluctor ring provided the factory ECM with a high frequency input. The SEN-01-128 can now recreate this missing high frequency rate when converting to an older style transmission with a mechanical speedometer output.

With a standard female 7/8” thread-on fitting, the SEN-01-128 fits all GM transmissions with a mechanical speedometer cable outlet. Removable weather-tight 10’ cable provides for simple installation and cable routing. 128,000 Pulse Per Mile Sine Wave signal output is direct replacement for the stock GM internal speed sensor, allowing the ECM receive the signals it needs for proper operation.

Fits GM transmission models with 7/8” Male Threading, ie: TH350, TH400, 700r4, 2004r, etc.



SEN-01-128 shown with included 10ft harness.









130011 - 7inch speedometer cable with a 7/8" -18 thread Male and Female end. The 130011 is needed for Muncie transmissions or when the SEN-01-128/ SEN-01-5 or 620005 sensors interfere with your shift linkage, transmission mount, cross member or transmission tunnel.



620006 - Required for use on Tremec or Ford transmissions with a cable drive output. For use on SEN-01-128, SEN-01-5 and 620005 speed sensors.









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