Holden Commodore VB - VF Air Struts




  • Billet (not cast) upper & lower mount
  • Computer designed lower mount offering maximum airflow into airspring without  compromising lower sealing surface area
  • Proven sealing design
  • Strong and safe Holden designed clevis mount
  • FIRESTONE airsprings
  • Monroe GT Sports Strut/ Inserts 
  • $2595 Pair of VB to VP struts
  • $2595 Pair of VR to VZ air struts
  • $2595 Pair of VE to VF struts  NEW BOLT IN STRUT, COIL OVER STYLE           SETUP, 

  • Includes:
  • Pair DOT (Air brake) strut hoses with bulk head fittings
  • Pair of performance upper strut mounts (for maximum drop)
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