Airide 3 Gallon Tank Top ***NEW COLOURS***






    Features ;

    - Easy, neat install.

    - Suitable for 3 gallon tank approx 12 Litres ( also available for 5 Gallon Hot Dog tanks - see other listings)

    - Laser cut upper plate with "Airide" logo.

    -Laser cut adjustable tank clamps.

    - Slotted holes to suit a range of compressors. incl 400c, 444c and 480c.

      - Mounting holes to suit AR-2,Accuair vu2 and vu4 and ALP valve          blocks.

    - Accuair ecu mounting holes.

    - Stainless steel mounting bolts.


Please note: this is for the Tank Top only. Tank and accessories are NOT included. Please see our other listings for these items.

Please specify upon purchase what colour you would like.

Standard Colours 

Textured Black

Black Gloss

Silver Gloss

Red Gloss

Purple Gloss

White Gloss

Oxytech Colours 

Black Jet Gloss

Dormant Granny Smith Green

Dormant Emerald Green


Teal Gloss

Turquoise Gloss


Dormant Copper Sparkle

Dormant Sparkle Red

Flame Red

Bright Red

Signal Red

Dormant Blazing Orange

Dormant Bomber Orange

Traffic Orange

Dormant Electric Blue

Dormant Sparkle Light Blue

Blaze Blue

Tory Blue

Space Blue

Navy Satin

Blue Weave

B25 Aqua

Blue Primer

Bright Silver

White Pearl

Black Star Dust

Anodic Bronze Pearl

Colonial Bronze 

Lilac Satin

Homebush Gold Gloss

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