Accuair Endo VT to e-Level ECU Wiring Harness


Accuair Endo VT to e-Level or Switch Speed Wiring Harness

Wanting to wire up an Accuair eLevel or Switch Speed system to an Accuair ENDO-VT tank?  

We've got a great PLUG-N-PLAY solution for you!  We manufacture this harness to connect one ENDO VT45 tank or two ENDO VT23 tanks to either an Accuair Switch Speed or eLevel system.  I mean sure, the ENDO VT tanks and Accuair control systems both come with plugs with wire, but that means that you would you have to follow wiring diagrams and solder them together yourself (this also means that you will need a soldering iron, some solder, heat shrink and something to cover or dress up the harness).  Who wants to do all that when we made this pretty little PLUG-N-PLAY harness for you, right?  The STANDARD length harness will easily plug into an eLevel or Switch Speed ECU that is centrally mounted on a VT45 tank and have just a few inches of play after its plugged into the end caps of the tank.  If you're running a pair of VT23 tanks and want to mount one on each side of the vehicle, please upgrade to the LONG HARNESS instead of the STANDARD HARNESS. 

Standard length is approximately 40" overall.

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