Accuair ENDO CVT to VT Conversion Kit


If the compressor in your Accuair Endo CVT fails, unfortunately, there is no replacement for that available. This kit is designed to turn your nonworking CVT into a working VT with externally mounted compressors. We designed this kit specifically to pair up with the Accuair Switch Speed or e-Level control systems. If you are not running an Accuair control system look into the individual parts and get exactly what you need to get back on the road.

This kit includes: End Cap O-Rings x2, End Cap Hardware O-Rings x16, Electrical Connector O-Rings x2, Accuair Endo VT to e-Level or Switch Speed Valve Wiring Harness, Accuair 0-200 psi Adjustable Digital Pressure Sensor, Pressure Sensor Wiring Harness For Accuair e-Level or Switch Speed Controller


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