Accuair e-Level+ Height Control System Touchpad Model



  • Air springs are not included in price.
  • Accuair e level+ computerized automatic leveling system with "START AND GO" feature - automatically inflates the car to ride height after starting engine as well as offering 3 height presets.
  • Accuair VX4 4 way valve manifold
  • Quality wiring harness fitted with plugs
  • Viair 400C 2.5 cfm compressor with built in thermal cut-out
  • Braided stainless steel comp hose with built in check valve
  • Compressor air filter with re-usable foam elements
  • Compressor wiring harness including relay & circuit breaker
  • Accuair Compressor on / off pressure switch
  • 5 gallon air tank
  • High flow 220 psi water & particle trap with one way check valve
  • DOT approved 3/8" airline
  • All brass DOT approved straight and angled swivel "push to connect" fittings (not cheaper plastic fittings)
  • Installation guide




3 Programmable Height

Lowered / Ride Height / Raised plus All Down when using e+ Height*

Automatic Calibration

Learns how to adjust for your vehicle when using e+ Height*

Battery Saver Mode

Sleeps after 24 hours


Long range Bluetooth 5.0 standard with all systems

Compressor Status Indicator

Colored LED indicates the status of your compressor when using e+ TouchPad*

Height Indication

Visual display of your height % when using e+ Height*

Magnetic Mount TouchPad when using e+ TouchPad*

Works with standard magnetic mount when using e+ TouchPad*

No Break TouchPad Cable

Connectorless design allows handheld or panel mounting when using e+ TouchPad*

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