3.75" Tall Stud Mount for Shockwave/Coilover


* Sold Individually

All stud tops include delrin ball mount and hardware.  Fits all HQ and TQ Series CoilOvers and Shockwaves (2" diameter threaded body)    

All shock end treatments must have Loctite 712 prep and Loctite 262 threadlocker or equivalent applied to clean dry threads according to label instructions.  The shock shaft can be held using Irwin ViceGrip Model 7LW.  CLAMP SHAFT NEAR THREADED PORTION ONLY!!!.  Improper clamping of any portion of the shaft can result in seal failure.  The end treatment must then be torqued to 35-40 ft/lbs.  Caution: over torqueing will result in poor adjuster function.  It is recommended all end treatments be installed by Airide.

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