1988-98 C1500 Bolt-On Wishbone Rear Suspension


RideTech Bolt-On Wishbone Rear Suspension System for 88-98 C1500. Includes wishbone rear suspension, C-notches, and hardware.



Bolt-On wishbone rear suspension system fits 1988-1998 Chevy and GMC C1500 Trucks. Replaces leaf springs for excellent ride quality, handling, traction and load capacity.  

  • Greatly improves ride quality and lowers your truck.
  • Includes patented R-Joint rod ends to eliminate binding and noise.
  • Compatible with Ridetech Coilover and Shockwaves.   
  • Bolt-on C-Notch reinforces OEM frame rails and features integrated suspension mounts. 
  • Wishbone upper link replaces Panhard bar for zero lateral movement during suspension travel allowing extremely tight wheel/tire fitment. 
  • Optimized anti-squat, instant center and pinion angle migration for dramatic improvements in handling and traction. 



Installations Instructions 10 Bolt Rear


Installations Instructions 14 Bolt Rear


C-Notch Template

Will need to be ordered in approximately 10 weeks 

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