Bussmann Metri-Pack 280 Sealed MINI®/MIICRO® Fuse & Relay Panel - 30 Amp, Bussed


The sealed MINI® fuse and ISO 280 mini relay panel has two power distribution circuits. Circuit one is a bussed fuse way that accepts up to ten(10) MINI® fuses. Circuit two is a bussed relay way that accepts up to five(5) ISO 280 mini relays. Accepts 12-22 gauge wires.

  • Fuse branches are rated up to 30 amps maximum per branch and the bussed M6 input studs are rated up to 80 amps maximum.
  • Note that the entire panel cannot exceed 160 amps (80 amps per side) maximum.
  • Metri-Pack 280 "Tangless" terminals seals and cavity plugs (sold separately).
  • Use Delphi Packard 280 Series cavity plugs 75042 where wires are not used.
  • Can be surface mounted when combined with 15303001 mounting brackets.
  • Bussed means one common power input for all circuits.
  • IP66-IEC 60529 (Valid when properly installed with cover, sealed terminals and cavity plugs).
  • Not Included: Brackets, fuses, circuit breakers, relays terminals


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