Prazis 4-Way Control System P4W-MB

$3,375.00 $3,750.00



Introduction of P4W:
  • Product Design
  • Made from an entire piece of raw aluminum (6061) and bronze by CNC cutting.
  • Anodizing surface treatment.
  • Two colors are available: Matte Black / Gloss Silver
  • Product Functions
  • Movable valve key will follow the movement when the corresponding wheel moves.
  • Comes with two remote controllers. One main wired remote control and one small wireless remote control.
  • 6 presets of ride height for the main and small controller.
  • Use the scroll instead of the normal button to adjust the pressure value more precisely.
  • Suspension pressure can be adjusted from 1 PSI.
  • The pressure of air tank can be adjusted from 150 PSI ~ 200 PSI.
  • Auto drain valve.
  • Control the compressor(s) manually. ON/OFF/SINGLE COMPRESSOR/DUAL COMPRESSORS
  • Low voltage setup. When the car is at a low voltage the compressor will not start until starting the car and use the voltage of car generator. It's a safety function.
  • Installation simplified.
  • Waterproof design.

Accessories Content :

  • Control system packagex1-Control system, solenoid valve, pressure sensor, all contained inside. 
  • Remote controlx2-One main wired remote control and one small wireless remote control.
  • Wiring harness-Fuse holder, air compressor power cord, controller wiring harness, 25M 6x4mm Nylon line.

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