Accuair e-Level+ Touchpad Model


e-Level+ is the highly anticipated next generation air suspension controller from AccuAir built on the longest running foundation of technology in the industry. This new generation control system is Bluetooth 5.0 enabled and provides a simpler user experience, with even better performance and reliability, while answering the requests of customers from every corner of the globe. Whether you choose to start simple with the upgradable e+ Connect wireless switchbox, or opt to start with the best by adding height sensors and the next level Touchpad+, you will be guaranteed to find the features and value that meet your needs. As always, you can count on the most accurate air suspension controller in the world from AccuAir and you'll drive comfortably and consistently knowing that the core of every e-Level+ system has been proven on more than 40,000 vehicles over 10 years.


3 Programmable Height

Lowered / Ride Height / Raised plus All Down when using e+ Height*

Automatic Calibration

Learns how to adjust for your vehicle when using e+ Height*

Battery Saver Mode

Sleeps after 24 hours


Long range Bluetooth 5.0 standard with all systems

Compressor Status Indicator

Colored LED indicates the status of your CVT or compressor when using e+ TouchPad*

Height Indication

Visual display of your height % when using e+ Height*

Magnetic Mount TouchPad when using e+ TouchPad*

Works with standard magnetic mount when using e+ TouchPad*

No Break TouchPad Cable

Connectorless design allows handheld or panel mounting when using e+ TouchPad*

Over The Air Updates 

Future proof with the latest features and functions.

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