Accuair VX2 Next Generation 2 Corner Solenoid Valve Unit



The VX2 2-Corner Valve evolves the well proven architecture found in the Accuair VU2 to an entirely new level. Benefits include: Sleeker appearance, hidden wiring harness, smaller overall package, built in flow adjustments, fully filtered and serviceable 3/8" DOT push-to-connect fittings. The robust internal solenoid valve architecture maximizes flow rates, provides bubble tight sealing and guarantees operation up to 200psi for millions of cycles. All of this technology is housed in a unique enclosure design which routes each of the solenoid wires through a single weatherproof M-12 style connector. With an overall size of only 2.175" x 2.175" x 3.587 and the ability to survive harsh under vehicle environments, this product is ideal for any application. 



The AccuAir VX2 is a 2 corner valve manifold that features filtered 3/8"PTC ports with VFC (variable flow control) technology. If one side of your vehicle airing out quicker than the other, simply adjust the rate of flow on AccuAir's VX2 manifold for that perfectly even dump. The 2 corner VX2 manifold is typically used to control systems that only utilize two bags. If you're looking for a manifold that is able to adjust all four corners of a vehicle

  • Rated for up to 200PSI
  • Built in flow controls
  • Compact design
  • IP67 weather resistance

Port Layout
  • (2) 3/8"PTC air spring ports
  • (1) 3/8"PTC inlet port
  • (1) 3/8"PTC exhaust port


Hidden Wiring Harness

Hidden wiring harness now allows the wiring to be mounted straight or at a bend without internal damage to the wires.

M-12 Connector

Single weatherproof M-12 Style connector makes connections cleaner and easier.

Replaceable FFPTC™

FFPTC™ fittings eliminate the risk of debris-induced valve problems common with all other solenoid valves on the market.


Adjustment of the speed of each corner and each direction individually.

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