Accuair Endo CT-CVT Adaptor


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“It is with regret that as of today the 3rd April, 2020, we must advise that ACCUAIR SUSPENSION in the USA have ceased business and filed for a Chapter 7 windup of their business under their laws in the U.S.A.

We have been a distributor of ACCUAIR products in Australia for many years and we are both shocked and have been financially affected by this development.

We wish to openly declare to our customers that we are not able to provide or take responsibility for any Warranties of the
ACCUAIR SUSPENSION products moving forward as ACCUAIR SUSPENSION no longer exists.

We also wish to advise that any ACCUAIR SUSPENSION clearance stock that we have for sale will not be provided with any warranty provisions for these clearance products.

We trust that you will understand and be mindful of the circumstances that we have now been placed in.


The AccuAir ENDO Compressor Analog Adapter Harness is used to connect the AccuAir ENDO Compressor (sold separately) to your existing ENDO-T or ENDO-VT system. You're also going to need the AccuAir ENDO-CT End Cap (sold separately) to have a fully functioning ENDO-CT or ENDO-CVT system.

The AccuAir ENDO Compressor Analog Adapter Harness is also required to connect AccuAir eLevel to a CVT tank. For example, if you currently have AccuAir eLevel management and want to add a CVT tank you must purchase this Adapter.

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